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Namib Mills Established

Windhoek Maize Mill opens, producing 16 tons per month.


Wheat Mill opened

Milling of wheat flour only takes place in Windhoek at 12 tons per hour, assisting in sustaining national food security for the Namibian people.


Buhler Wheat Mill Commissioned



Otavi Mill acquired

Otavi operates as a milling facility as well as a depot and currently employs 62 staff members in total. The mill generates 13.5 tons ...Read More


Gordonia mill in Upington acquired

At our Gordonia facility in Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa, we have 6 concrete silos that have a storage capacity of 1050-1100 ...Read More


Pasta plant commissioned

Pasta Plant was launched in 2001 by the founding father of the Namibian nation, His Excellency, Dr. Sam Nujoma. This plant is amongst ...Read More


Katima Mulilo mill acquired

The Katima Mulilo mill operates as both a milling facility as well as a depot and currently employs 18 staff members. The mill generat...Read More


Otavi Mahangu mill opened

The Otavi Mahangu mill opens, averaging 2 tons of Mahangu per hour.


Sugar packing facility commissioned

The packing of white, dry brown and wet brown sugar begins, which is then distributed under the Sugar King brand.


Complete Mix plant commissioned

Namib Mills developed a range of special products for bakeries called “complete mix” to which the baker only has to add water. These p...Read More


Kliparani bunker Mahikeng SA established

The Kliparani project was launched in 2010 and has a storage capacity of 67 000 tons of maize per season in silo bags. There are two s...Read More


Pallet Assembly and Repair Plant established

Pallet Assembly and Repair Plant established.


Top Score

Top Score Instant Maize Porridge Plant Commissioned in Otavi.

And Increased Capacity with New Wheat Mill.



Wheat Mill Factory

Namib Mills launched the Wheat Mill Factory in 2018



Bakpro Bread Bakery Commissioned.

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