Namib Mills Bakery Training School Uplifts Bakers Skills in Namibia

01 Jan 2017 | News & Events | by Ashante Manetti

A look at the Namib Mills Bakery training initiative

Namib Mills runs a bakery training initiative that is free of charge, this initiative is aimed at upskilling and uplifting professional bakers, entrepreneurs and those who like to bake for a hobby

Tutaleni wanted to find out a little bit more about this initiative, so we sat down to interview Johann Oelofsen Bakery Manager of Namib Mills to tell us about the bakery training school.

Good Morning Johan, can you tell us how long this initiative has been operational?

Operational since 1999, we offer three modules. Module 1 - Bread & Brotchens. Module -2 Confectionary .Module – 3 Supervisory skills. There are 14 Workstations with sixty 60 Loaf Industrial ovens and after the module a certificate of achievement for every traine

Who is viable to attend this training?

• Unemployed persons looking for employment in the bakery market.

• Persons who wants to start their own bakery.

• Owners / employees of small bakeries.

• Bakers of In Store Bakeries.

Q: What is the purpose of the training?

• To uplift baker skills in Namibia

• To train the bakers of Namib Mills bakeries

• To promote the love of baking

How many groups have been trained?

We have trained an average of 385 persons per year for the last three years.

How often does this training occur?

• One class of modules one; or two classes every month

• Three classes of module 3 during the year.

• Classes run only from February to November with no classes in January and December.

In addition to this we also offer weekend Baking one Saturday of every month for people who wants to be better hobby bakers then we also train Women at Work ladies in the art of baking. Reservations be made at Namib Mills’ reception.





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