Namib Mills Partners With Nau Farmers Association Womens Day

01 Jan 2017 | Community | by Ashante Manetti

As part of our corporate social responsibility towards women empowerment, Namib Mills was the main sponsor of the NAU Farmers Association Women’s Day.

The reason behind Namib Mills' involvement comes from the realisation of the importance for continued engagement and “relationship building” with farmers and the agricultural family at large, as well as the need to show our full support to the industry.

This event is particularly special as it allows Namib Mills to acknowledge women's importance and continued contribution towards the sector.

Namib Mills wants to be a part of showcasing the social and economic empowerment of women, and the role that they play towards contributing to our country's nutrition, income generation and overall growth.

Theses women are the backbone of their respective farms and homesteads and as a company, we want to thank them for being pillars in improving the agriculture sector.

Namib Mills has a commitment to Namibia and the Namibia Agricultural Union as a corporate citizen. It’s important for us to not only focus on great quality, excellent customer service and meeting consumer needs, but also to live in accordance with our brand promise of Feeding The Nation, both in body and in mind.





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