Namib Mills Launches New Instant Top Score Maize Porrdige

07 Mar 2018 | News & Events | by Ashante Manetti

On the 1st of March Namib Mills launched its Instant Top Score Maize Meal range of products at the Namib Mills warehouse.

“Today marks a milestone for us as a group of companies, as this new innovation is not only a game changer but also a proudly Namibian product.” Stated Ian Collard Chief Exectutive Officer of Namib Mills.

The Namib Mills Namibia Group is the holding entity that actively manages a portfolio of investments comprising of a number of operating companies which are mainly active in the following sectors;

wheat; maize and mahugu milling; pasta manufacturing rice and sugar packaging; animal feed and poultry.

Top Score the leading Maize Meal brand of the company will be launching its brand new range of Instant Maize porridge or Instant Pap. It is a first of its kind innovation in Namibia.

This new Instant Maize porridge will eliminate the cooking time of maize meal while maintaining taste, texture and the feeling of the traditionally prepared Top Score maize meal pap.


In many parts of Namibia, maize meal is the single most important source of nutrition because it is eaten up to three times a day. This new product can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Loyal Top Score consumers, now have the option to have an easy and convenient substitute for maize meal, it is essentially Maize Meal or pap on the go.


The new product range will be introduced into the market in four distinctive flavours. Plain no added sugar for savoury meals, that can be enjoyed at a braai or with your dinner; Original that is sweetened, and then Banana and Vanilla as a breakfast option.

The maize meal is cooked through a process called extrusion. Extrusion is the process whereby pure maize meal is extruded and then milled into a specific fineness.

Sugar, salt, colouring and flavouring as well as vitamins and minerals are then added according to the specific product recipes to create Instant Maize Porridge.

Extrusion cooking offers several advantages, both from the manufacturing and from the products quality points of view.

Top Score Instant Maize porridge is a naturally high energy product that contains 99% natural ingredients and is fortified with vitamins and minerals. it is also a great source of protein.

It is a low fat, high energy, gluten-free product, which is very quick and easy to make. One simply has to add hot water or milk and stir it up.

The commissioning of this plant amounts to a fourteen million dollar investment into Namibia. The Instant maize porridge production plant is situated in Otavi and has created employment opportunities.

This innovation is yet another undertaking for us as a company, to reiterate that we remain committed to Namibia.

Sustainability is a priority throughout our group and we are committed to ecological business practices, not only for the long-term benefit of our shareholders but for all our stakeholders.

We create socio-economic growth through investment in local economies with innovations such as these.

The Instant Maize porridge range of products is not only a game changer but is something that all of us a Namibians can truly be proud of.

It’s important to us to not only focus on our strategic pillars of producing great quality products and services; investing in our people, remaining responsible to our environment; and pioneering in our operational processes,

but also to live in accordance with our brand promise of - feeding the nation.





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