Namib Mills committed to ‘Feeding the Nation’

15 Apr 2020 | News & Events | by Admin

Namib Mills has worked hard over the decades with various partners to support some of the most
vulnerable members in our society. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to the communities in
which we operate, and we believe in the potential of these communities.

Our primary focus is to assist the most vulnerable members of our society and we do this through
feeding programs and donating to charities and organisations that align with our goals. Namib
Mills focus areas are nutrition, nutrition education, women empowerment and SME development.

Windhoek Life Change Centre is a welfare organization that is registered with the Ministry of
Health and Social welfare. Namib Mills sponsors this organization with a monthly contribution, to
ensure they continue providing help to vulnerable communities. The total amount allocated
monthly on average is N$305 244.75 totalling to N$3 662 938.00 per annum.

Some of the projects we lend our support to are as follows:
• Namib Mills recently donated 3 pallets totalling 2.9 tons of Top Score maize meal and 3
pallets totalling 1.3 tons of Polana macaroni to the value of N$75 000 to the Government of
Namibia to aid its fight against Covid-19.
• Eduvision project – this project aims to provide quality education to all, our sponsorship to
this school is N$100 000 cash yearly plus food monthly.
• S.P.E.S - This charity organization was established for the main purpose of serving the less
fortunate children and youth in our country by helping them step out of poverty through
encouragement, education and support. Namib Mills is one of SPES’ main sponsors and
our contribution of N$250 000 makes it possible for us to be involved in the lives of over
2000 children growing up in extreme poverty.

We see the difference that our efforts make to the communities we can serve. Further Namib Mills
will ensure that during the Covid-19 pandemic the quality, production, distribution and supply of
food products to the Nation remain our priority.

Namib Mills is a proudly Namibian company, we strive to be a better company by nurturing and
uplifting the communities around us. Namib Mills will continue to play our part in ‘Feeding the





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