14 Aug 2020 | News & Events | by Frans Meyer OPERATIONS MANAGER

Namib Mills hereby wish to inform the mahangu producers from all Regions that as from the 29th June 2020, the company will be ready to take in mahangu grain at the company’s Otavi silos.

All producers registered with the Namibian Agronomic Board are welcome and must kindly take note of the following guidelines for delivery:

  • Producers must register in advance to be allocated a date slot for delivery of mahangu and kindly adhere to these slots to avoid bottlenecks and inconvenience. To register producers must contact Mr Coenie Smit at 0811439616.
  • Mahangu grain must be from the current season’s harvest and must be marketable in accordance with the current Mahangu Marketing Mechanism it is; grades 1 or 2 only will be accepted, free from live insects, rodent feaces and odours. Mahangu not complying with these standards can unfortunately not be accepted and producers will have to remove it from the premises at own cost.
  • Payments to producers can only be effected by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) necessitating an official bank account with any bank of choice. Validity of bank accounts must be proved by an official letter from the bank on the bank’s letterhead confirming account name, number and ID of the accountholder.
  • Although EFT’s will be effected on delivery, producers must bear in mind that it might take a day or two for the money to become available due to the banking processes involved.
  • Namib Mills is pleased to announce a N$500 per ton (N$0.50/kg) subsidy which will be added to the mahangu floor price for mahangu delivered to the company’s silos in Otavi.





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