Bringing Christmas to the less privileged

13 Dec 2021 | News & Events | by admin

This Christmas, Haval, Mshasho, Namib Mills and Poiyah Media took hands to collaborate in handing over charitable goods to Tilovayeni Children’s Home and Ombili Community Center. Close to 200 children received porridge, drinks, and Christmas snacks to allow them to remember a Christmas during Covid -19.

Mshasho Trust Fund, under its founder, Multi Award Winning Artist King TeeDee has been dedicated to empowering underprivileged communities for close to two decades and continues to stand by his charity to ensure that no child feels left out. His latest effort is centered on bringing the holiday wishes to the less privileged and for once have a happy and memorable moment reminding them that dreams do come true. “I too have not been privileged enough to experience Christmas’s and lost my parents at a very young age. No matter your circumstance, never allow your environment today to determine where you end up in life, “he said. King TeeDee teamed up with well-known auto maker Haval and food giant Namib mills to ensure that they were able to provide gifts to communities and their families during this holiday season.

Namib Mills has annually embarked on similar campaigns to take care of its communities in which it operates in, also joined the initiative. Selma Moongo, Manage Marketing Affairs highlighted that a lot of people live off of very little to no income and that’s why it’s important to give the little that each Namibian can, even how little it may be. “They are struggling as many have little to no income so there is no extra left over for Christmas. We hope that by this simple gesture of handing out these parcels you many never forget this day celebrating it with people that care and love you. It is a rewarding feeling when one brings Christmas to the less fortunate most importantly the children, seeing the children’s little faces light up with excitement is quite heart warming and this is why we have decided to make this Christmas a special Christmas for them”, she added.

The pandemic has surely had an impact on the population and with many having lost their jobs, many find it hard to make ends meet. Bianca Weakley from Pupkerwitz sheds light on the impact covid nationally and globally stating that, “Not everyone is in a position to celebrate this Christmas season, who face starvation, lack of access to safe drinking water, homelessness, and poverty on a daily basis, especially for children suffering from the economic, physical, and emotional effects of COVID-19. So, bringing Christmas closer to you brings joy to our hearts and we are sure that with this seed planted that the spirit of hope, love and care will still linger on amongst you. Let’s have a positive event in your lives before the year ends and as mentioned prior, dare to dream. You never when you may wake up one day and experience that it is real life,” she stated.





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