Pasta Polana Instant Noodles Launch

16 Sep 2022 | News & Events | by Admin

The Idea

Shoppers and consumers have over the years asked Pasta Polana to bring them instant noodles. The Polana team took on the challenge to give the nation what the nation wants. It started with obtaining several, if not all, instant noodle brands on the shelves as a means to identify components that would yield a success story of Polana noodles.

After extensive ground level research on flavour, texture and even packaging, Polana merged data and formulated winning recipes that have been welcomed into the market with open arms. or in this case, open mouths.

Becoming a reality

The Polana brand is a household brand that is unconsciously relatable as it has made its mark in households for decades and offers a wide range of products across the pasta family. Instant Noodles have been added to this basket to target all age groups for convenience and filling purposes.

School going children and elderly can have this delicious offering at any time of the day whereas the working class will most likely consume it as a brunch, lunch or dinner.

The launch

Launched at the Heja lodge on Friday, 16 September 2022, the event brought together Marketing and Sales representatives that push sales on a day-to-day basis for the purpose of familiarising them with work that went into it, what would be required from them to push both sales, shelf spaces and potential deals surrounding the product.

The said audience is also put to immediate task with a proposed incentive for whoever is able to reach / exceed their target. This is a motivating element considering that Namibia has a saturated noodle market, and in order for one to remain actively stimulated once in a while, rewards are rendered a necessity.





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